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Pour Over : What Equipment Do you Need ?

The equipment you need for a great Pour-Over


You will achieve the best results from your pour-over using reliable equipment, but you don’t need anything fancy. A small selection of basic tools will get the job done


1. Brewing Device / Dripper

This simple piece of equipment sits atop the cup and holds your grounds and filter. A good dripper ensures the ideal flavour extraction. Our Crystal Eye Dripper would be a good choice!

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2. Scales

Scales are essential for experimenting and discovering the perfect quantity of beans and water for your preferred brew. You’ll get high-precision results with our Black Mirror Scale!

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3. Filters 

Whether you prefer the flavour generated by paper or cloth filters, make sure the ones you choose fit nicely into your brewing device. And always rinse them before use.



4. Kettle

A kettle designed specifically for pour-over will maintain a consistent heat. And look out for a kettle with a long gooseneck for better control over the flow of water.



These four essential pieces of equipment will set you up perfectly for mastering the pour-over method. 

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