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Single Origin Espresso

An Intense & Delicious Caffeine Kick

You’ll find your perfect shot of espresso among our variety of blends and single-origins.

An espresso hits differently from any other kind of coffee. It contains 5 times the amount of bean solids than filters, ramping up the intensity and the flavour in a big way. The sweet, syrupy texture is always a beautiful thing to experience.

Within this collection, there’s sweetness in many forms. Caramel and tropical fruit in El Toucan, milk chocolate and toffee in Brazil Fazenda Bom Jesus, nectarine and melon in Bolivia Geisha, and so much more!

Welcome to the Espresso Collection

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Single Origin
Single Origin
Single Origin


Experience the Intricacies of Every Flavour

The filter roasts to accentuate even the most subtle of taste notes.

If you want to enjoy the complex tastes of a roast right down to the finest detail, filter is the choice for you. The process draws less acidity and absorbs more of the flavours and aromas, resulting in a clean, consistent brew that highlights the notes in a big way.

Indulge in the dense pineapple and mandarin of Yemen Haraaz, the aromatic watermelon of Sidamo Hamasho Lactic Anaerobic, or the sweet raisin and vanilla kiss of El Salvador La Providencia.

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Roastville Blends

Our Customers’ Favourite Coffee Blends

The popularity of these blends never wavers.

Among the wide variety of choices available in our store, our customers have maintained a long-standing affection for some. These are the blends that the Roastville community just can’t get enough of.

You can try a medium roast in Triple 2 Blend, a darker option in El Toucan, or the very first roast we ever offered in White House Blend.

Welcome to the Roastville Blends Collection

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Popular Roasts in Specialty Capsules

Packed in our Marrickville roastery using only sustainable methods.

Capsules are often avoided in the world of specialty coffee, but they shouldn’t be. It’s an easier, more time-efficient method that doesn’t sacrifice any of the taste.

In capsule form, you can enjoy Organic Planadas, White House Blend, or our very own Decaf Specialty Roast.

Welcome to the Capsules Collection

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Tea - Chai - Sugar

As a local cafe, we know that our community loves to visit us to eat & drink.

And as we care to offer always the best experience, we have more than just specialty coffees to pair with our menu options.

Hence this collection. You can order these and make your delicious meals even better.

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Brew Gear

Every specialty coffee lover eventually gets interested in home brewing, so it's a matter of time before you need suitable gear.

These are not just random brewing gears. These are the ones we use at our cafe.

These are the best gears available without being overly expensive. We won't offer you less than that.

We also created our products to match that quality level.

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We roast our beans every Tuesdays and Thursdays


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