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What are Fully-Washed Beans ?


You’ve probably seen this term used on many of our top products and may have wondered what it means. It simply refers to the coffee farmers' process of preparing their beans.


Washed or Natural ?


The difference comes down to the order in which the beans are dried, and the fruit is removed. 


Natural : 

In a Natural process, beans are sundried with the fruit still intact. It’s removed shortly afterwards.


Washed : 

In a Washed process, farmers remove the fruit first to expose the mucilage inside, which is then washed off in a long soaking process.


For a Cleaner Flavour

Removing the fruit means that sugars and other compounds don’t get the chance to ferment while drying, and result in a sweet, fruity roast.

You instead get just the intrinsic flavours of the coffee. For beans with a complex, nuanced taste profile, fully-washed is the way to go!


We roast our beans every Tuesdays and Thursdays


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