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What about the milk?


Here at Roastville, we are all about coffee. We select and roast the best beans to offer you great coffee every day and if you have any questions about where it comes from or how it has been processed, you know that you can ask George or our Barista team for more information.

But what about the milk? Have you ever wonder about the species or the origin of the cows that produce the milk we pour in your lattes?

The answer is 100% Jersey Milk. This milk comes from an English specie of cows native from the Island of Jersey. Those purebred cows produce naturally superior milk with 20% more calcium and 18% more protein than average. Good way to refuel your batteries in the morning!

And for those with a weak stomach, you will be able to digest it more easily!

100% Jersey cows that produce A2 milk!

But why? Let’s get technical! It is due to a difference in the proteins and more precisely the beta casein. This protein has mutated many years ago and lead to two different forms: A1 and A2. Jersey cows are producing milk with A2 proteins.

Searchers have noticed that milk with the A1 protein was harder to digest. They have also shown a correlation between the countries that were mainly consuming A1 milk and the countries with high rate of heart disease and type 1 diabetic.

And there is more, Jersey milk also give a velvety and smooth finish to your lattes. Good to the body and the palate!

If you want to learn more about the milk or how to pour the perfect latte, join us on our Latte Art Workshop!

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