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Saturday is cupping day!


Many people ask what is cupping. And that is a great question!  Who knew that coffee was such a science and an art! In fact there is a detailed process before drinking our much needed coffee.

Cupping is a sensory experience, it allows us to evaluate different characteristics of a coffee, such as fragrance, aroma, flavour, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance and sweetness.

Every Saturday we cup Single Origin Coffees and our House Blend. For filter and black coffee, we use Single Origin Coffees.

This week we will be cupping coffees from Ethiopia, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Panama.

Our house Blend consists of three different beans. The House Blend is designed for Milk based Coffees.

Cupping assists us in understanding our customer’s palate. Customer’s feedback contributes to our coffee buyer’s decision making as this is the purest way to try a coffee before deciding to buy 45kg or 70kg bags.

If you are a coffee professional, barista or a simple coffee lover, come and join every Saturday afternoon at 2pm, an awesome opportunity to exchange opinions, hang around and try delicious coffee.

We roast our beans every Tuesdays and Thursdays


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