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A very special cupping at Roastville


This afternoon at Roastville we are very happy to welcome Gavin Gam of Aroma Coffee Roastery and Ethiopian Coffee Ambassador to host the inaugural Gesha Village Auction lots coffee testing! This is a cupping of 21 exceptional coffees and we are very proud to be part of this event!

Have you ever heard about the Panamaniam Gesha coffee? Did you know that it has been discovered in the 1930s in Ethiopia? Well the coffees we are tasting today take origin in that exact same place, the Gori Gesha wild forest!

About 20 kilometers from there, Village Coffee Estate, the producers of those precious beans, have developed a farm of 471 hectares dedicated to study, explore and protect the specie. They conduct project such as genetic testing and climate research.

With today’s cupping we have the chance to test some of their “phenomenal coffees” before they get put up for sale. On May 31 Village Coffee Estate will host its first online auction for the best heirloom Gesha lots available this year! We are talking about washed and natural Gesha 1931, Gordo Gesha, Illubabor Forest, and wet fermentation Gori Gesha! This selection was made from an expedition to the Illubabor coffee forest in 1974.

Stay tuned to see how the auction goes and maybe taste some of those special lots at Roastville in the future!

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