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How to Make Stove Top Coffee


There is something so satisfying about brewing a classic cup of stovetop coffee in the morning. It's a ritual that not only delivers a caffeine kick but also invites us to slow down and appreciate the process. This guide will take you through each step for creating a traditional, comforting stovetop coffee. No fancy ingredients, no complicated procedures; just good, simple coffee done right.



  • Filtered water
  • Espresso roast coffee (approx. 15g for a 2 cup, 30g for a 4 cup, 40g for a 6 cup)



  1. Filling the Base

    Start with filling the base of your moka pot with filtered water. The water level should be just below the safety valve. While some coffee enthusiasts recommend using pre-boiled water for a less bitter result, cold water works just as well. Next, place the filter basket onto the base.

  2. Coffee Grinding and Filling

    For an optimal stovetop coffee experience, grind your own espresso roast coffee. If this isn't feasible, pre-ground coffee is a fine alternative. Aim for a fine grind and fill the filter basket loosely. Depending on the size of your moka pot, you will need around 15g of coffee for a 2 cup pot, 30g for a 4 cup, and 40g for a 6 cup. Remember not to tamp the coffee down. Instead, level it off and brush away any stray grounds from the rim of the basket. After this, screw the top part of the moka pot onto the base.

  3. The Brewing Process

    Now we're ready to brew! Place your moka pot onto a stove set at a low to medium heat. As the water heats and starts nearing its boiling point, the pressure formed will push a stream of water through the coffee and into the top chamber of your moka pot. Once the coffee stream changes from a dark brown to a honey-like color, remove your moka pot from the heat source and let the rest of the coffee flow into the upper chamber on its own.

  4. Wrapping It Up

    Allow the coffee to finish brewing. When the coffee bed is exposed and the brewing process slows to a drip, your coffee is done. Your total brew time should fall somewhere between 2.5 to 3 minutes.


If your brew time extends beyond this and the coffee tastes too bitter or dry, you should use a coarser grind for your coffee and try again. On the contrary, if the brew time is too short and the coffee tastes thin or overly acidic, you should grind your coffee finer and brew again.

To create a stronger brew, simply increase the amount of coffee used.

And voila! Your classic stovetop coffee is ready to be savored. This tried and true method yields a rich, robust coffee flavor that can't be replicated by any machine. Enjoy the simplicity and satisfaction of this timeless brewing method, one delicious sip at a time.

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