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How to Make a Good Espresso Coffee


An espresso is more than just a quick, strong cup of coffee; it is a moment of pleasure, a miniature universe of flavours condensed into a tiny cup. The process of making espresso at home is a delightful journey, the destination being a perfectly brewed espresso that forms the base for a heavenly cappuccino or latte. Here's a detailed recipe to brew that perfect shot of espresso at home.



– Espresso Machine

– Burr Grinder

– Digital Scale and Tamper

– Stopwatch

– Espresso Roast Coffee Beans


Recipe Specifications

This recipe caters to making one shot of espresso.

– Ground Coffee Weight: 17-18g*

– Beverage Yield: 35-40g*

– Extraction Time: 25-30 seconds

– Water Temperature: 93-95°C

– Grind Size: Fine


*Note: This recipe might slightly vary with different types of coffee. It is essential to adapt the quantity of coffee according to your machine and personal taste. For instance, if your portafilter is specified for 18g of coffee, that should be your start weight. Adapt the quantity of coffee depending on your personal taste.

Steps to Brew the Perfect Espresso


1. Ready the Portafilter

• Detach the portafilter and ensure the basket is clean and dry.

• Run hot water through the group head to rid it of any old coffee residues.

• Set the portafilter on the digital scale, zero it out, and position it to catch the ground coffee from the grinder.


2. Grind, Dose, and Tamp

• Grind enough coffee to fill your portafilter basket, then check the weight on the scale.

• Evenly distribute the ground coffee across the basket and use a tamper to firmly compact it.

• Ensure there's about 3-4mm of clearance at the top of the portafilter post tamping.


3. Extract

• Fix the portafilter into the espresso machine.

• Place your cup and the digital scale under the portafilter, reset the scale to zero, and start the extraction process immediately.

• The extraction should be halted when the yield is approximately double the weight of the ground coffee in the basket.


4. Enjoy

• Your espresso shot is ready to be savored immediately.

• After finishing, remove the portafilter and discard the used coffee grounds.

• Put the cleaned portafilter back into the machine to keep it warm for the next use.


This recipe should give you a strong, robust espresso, but feel free to adjust the parameters according to your preference. Remember, the key to a perfect espresso is practice, patience, and persistence. Happy brewing!

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