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The story behind the environmentally sustainable hession bags at Roastville

sustainable bags

If you have ever crossed our doors whether it is to savor a cup of coffee, lunch with your friends and family or participate in one of our workshops, you have probably already seen those hessian bags hanging of the walls.

But did you know that those bags pass by many hands before being sold in at Roastville?

At Roastville we receive our green beans from foreign producers in big bags of 60 to 70kg. Each coffee bag is usually made in the country of origin and the materials differ. Brazil and its big coffee industry use manufactured plastic bags while Ethiopia and Colombia carry their beans in handmade hessian bags which quality and sustainability depend on the wealth and resources of the country.

Once we take the beans, roast them and prepare tasty coffee, those original bags become useless. To prevent them from becoming land file, we send the best ones to Endeavour Foundation which is supporting people with a disability. The members of the organization are the ones making the handbags and giving a second life to this high quality, biodegradable and reusable hessian. Then we buy them back and sell them in our shop and website.

This eco-friendly and collaborative action had been recognised by the Inner West Business Awards on November 2016 and got us finalist of the Community Leadership category.

We roast our beans every Tuesdays and Thursdays


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