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Tea or Coffee? Choose both with the Cascara Cherries!


Have you ever been craving for a coffee but reluctant about the caffeine? Here’s the solution: the Cascara organic tea! A tea created from the coffee fruit!

The green beans used for the famous and delicious beverage that is coffee actually grow in the farms far far away in the form of red cherries. This fruit is mainly used for its bean, the cherry itself is now its own beverage. Once separated from its seed, the cherry is dried in the sun and employed as a base for a new kind of tea.

Whether you have it to warm up yourself or as a refreshing cold drink, a taste of Cascara tea will not feel like your usual coffee intake. The content of caffeine is actually 4 to 8 times less than in brewed coffee and the taste presents a wisp of acidity with notes of apple, rosehip, hibiscus, elderflower, currant, cherry, mango and even tobacco.

This Cascara fruit tisane, which is name after the Spanish word for “skin” or “peel”, is a new way to utilize the coffee cherries that were until now mostly considered as by-product and used as fertilizer. Although the pulped skins have been used for infusion since centuries in the farms of Yemen and Ethiopia, it is a new process in the specialty coffee and tea industry.

Be careful, the Cascara tea is not to be cofounded with the Cascara Sagrada; the latest being a California buckthorn tree with laxative attributes!

To avoid any risks, you can purchase your Cascara Organic Tea right here!

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