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Beginner's Guide : Grinding


Grinding your coffee is a crucial and often overlooked step in brewing. If you’ve been drinking exclusively pre-ground coffee until now, you will instantly notice an increase in freshness after your first grind.


Try these tips out on any roast from our Espresso Collection to see the difference good grinding makes!


Grind Size

Different brewing styles require different grind sizes, and you have no control over the size unless you grind it yourself. Here are the standard sizes and the methods they’re suited to :


Coarse : 

Similar in consistency to salt. It works well with French Press, cold brew, and percolators.

Medium : 

Medium grind is the consistency of sand and is perfect for Aeropress, pour-over, and drip.

Fine : 

It has a consistency like flour and is the ideal grind size for espresso.



Blade vs. Burr

To achieve these sizes, you need the right machine. Burr and Blade are the primary choices available.


Blade : 

A blade grinder has a propeller-like blade inside. The size of the grind depends on how long you let the machine run. It’s usually the less expensive option.

Burr :

Burr grinders have two revolving burrs that uniformly crush the beans. It’s generally considered more reliable for versatile and precise grind sizes.

The Timemore C3 is the perfect burr grinder for the job. 

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