Timemore Ice Dripper - Make your own Cold Drip

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Colour: Transparent

Cold Drip

Simplified design and easy to use, contains glass server for pouring up your Cold Drip coffee in less than 3 - 4 hours.

Purchase the ice dripper and receive - FREE 1 x 150g Single Origin, Ethiopia Guji  Wolichu

Brew Guide:

1 - Ground coffee , ice cubes and cold water. Approx  24g coffee 400ml water

2 - Add ground coffee into the coffee container; grind size as course as (raw sugar). 

3 - Place the filter mesh on the top of the ground coffee, this ensures even distribution of water and coffee to ensure no water channeling.

4. Turn the valve to control drip to 1 drip per second.

Add ice to the first mark on the server (2)

Next take the cold water and pour in until nearly at the line marked with 4 on the server.

Ensure the valve is on the slowest drip. O = stop dripping 1-4 slow to fast dripping. About 7 drops in 10 seconds.

Recipe TIPS 

Stronger Cold Drip -  Slow the drip or go a finer grind 

Lighter Cold Drip - Courser grind size and faster drip

Put the lid on and let it do its work. Takes about 3-4 hours.

Recommended to serve over ice.