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How to Make Coffee with a Chemex


Chemex coffee is known for its clean and well-balanced flavor. The Chemex brewer, with its thick paper filter and iconic design, is an absolute joy to use and display. In this post, we've combined two different recipes to create a unique and simple Chemex coffee recipe that serves six. This is perfect for those brunches with friends and family, or simply when you want more of the delicious coffee for yourself.


Recommended Coffee to Water Ratio: 1:15

WHAT YOU'LL NEED (recipe for 6 cups) : 

• Chemex 6-cup brewer

• Chemex filters

• 30g of fresh coffee, medium-coarse grind

• Scale • Timer (if scale does not have built in)

• Gooseneck kettle/hot water (450ml) just off boil at 205°

• Carafe or mug to brew into



  1. Place your Chemex filter into the brewer, folding it into a cone shape with 3 layers on the spout side. Rinse with hot water to remove any paper flavor and to preheat the brewer. Dispose of the rinse water.

  2. Grind 30g of your favorite coffee beans to a medium-coarse consistency (this should be around the middle setting on most grinders). Transfer the ground coffee into the filter. Lightly shake or tap the brewer to level the grounds.

  3. Set your Chemex brewer on your scale and tare it to 0.



  1. Start your timer and pour 60ml of hot water into the center of the grounds, initiating the blooming phase. Make sure to saturate all the coffee grounds evenly. Allow it to bloom for about 25 seconds.

  2. After 25 seconds, slowly pour in 390ml of hot water starting from the center and moving in a spiral motion towards the edges, and then back towards the center. Be mindful not to pour water directly onto the edge of the filter, but rather aim to evenly saturate the coffee bed.

  3. Allow the water to drip through the coffee grounds. The entire process from the start of the bloom to the end of the brew should take around 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

  4. Once the dripping has completely stopped, which should ideally be around the 2m50 mark, your coffee is ready to be served.

  5. Dispose of the coffee grounds and filter directly into your compost.


Pro Tips:

• The bloom phase, which occurs at the start of the brewing process when you add twice as much water as your coffee dose, is crucial for allowing gases to escape from the coffee and for water to begin extracting flavor from the grounds.

• Did your brew take longer than 2m50? Your grind might be too fine. If it was too quick, you might need to use a coarser grind.

• If you plan to savor your coffee over a longer period, consider transferring it to an insulated vessel immediately after brewing to retain heat.

• Chemex really shines with a high water-to-brew ratio. This recipe uses a 15:1 ratio, but feel free to experiment with ratios from 16:1 to 17:1 if you prefer a lighter brew.


Enjoy the exceptional, clean-tasting coffee this Chemex recipe offers. As you familiarize yourself with this method, you'll find your preferred grind size, brewing time, and water-to-coffee ratio, crafting a cup that's uniquely your own. Happy brewing!

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